Sanitizing is important but combining this with prolonged disinfecting is essential.

My teams are always using the best products and taking care to complete our janitorial solutions projects so that our clients and their customers are protected. That’s why when we stumbled upon Epic BioSolutions we were excited to learn about a new product and the best in cutting edge when it relates to addressing the COVID-19 virus. Our goal is to continue to educate our team on the best tools to help win the battle against this and other pathogens. We were asking ourselves, how can we help our clients return to a sense of normalcy? What can we do to make parents feel safe? Employees? Employers? The answer is – you need a defined and proven process. One that you can test to provide verification that a space is safe.

We have developed a four-step process that is even effective in the most highly-trafficked areas and spaces like higher education campuses, large office buildings, and schools and medical offices. The system is straight forward. Our team first identifies potentially dangerous microbes and organic matter on surfaces using an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) meter which evaluates contamination levels on any given surface. The ATP meter tests for Adenosine triphosphate, a molecule found in living cells. That means if it is alive, it’s got an ATP reading. The test can be used to find places where fungi, mold, and bacteria are thriving before the evidence is visible to the naked eye.

The meter provides a count of parts per million for any biological material present. We know that between 0-10 is considered ultra-clean by Hygenia, (a leader in rapid testing solutions for the food and beverage, healthcare, water quality, and hospitality industries). In many environments, the presence of microscopic living cells is a warning sign that additional cleaning and sanitization protocols are required.

Second, we use a potent disinfectant to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is achieved. The product is scientifically designed to kill a wide spectrum of dangerous pathogenic micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi ,and parasites. It is a safe, non-toxic cleaner made up of Chlorine Dioxide which is known to kill the COVID-19 envelope virus.

But, here is where the real magic happens. To continue to protect the surface, we use Epic Surface Pure 90™ to provide an additional layer of protection for surfaces already treated with a potent disinfectant. This solution creates an invisible antimicrobial barrier that lasts up to 90 days. This combined method means our teams can ensure a long-lasting protection for a wide range of materials and surfaces.

Finally, we provide post testing to ensure that our application has been effective in keeping parts per million down to “ultra-clean” levels. It’s important to note that while this system is an excellent way to not only disinfect and sanitize, it provides a testing protocol to provide piece of mind to all involved. However, regular daily cleaning must be maintained for this system to work at maximum effectiveness.

We have entered a new normal thanks to the pandemic, but the level of protection and verification this system provides is here to stay.